CSGO most likely has the biggest number of cheaters, which is owed to the reality that this is one of the most popular multiplayer games.

Counter Strike Global Offensive or CSGO is probably the most significant market for cheat makers. This video game most likely has the biggest variety of cheaters. Which is owed to the truth that this is one of the most popular multiplayer video games. And the competitive nature of the game triggers people to use cheats. Likewise Read – Shroud lastly puts the Valorant vs CSGO dispute to rest

Now, a YouTuber by the name of ScriptKid created a trojan cheat for PUBG in 2015. This was done by him to punish cheaters in various ways. This was a success, and for this reason he was convinced to create a similar trojan cheat to punish individuals who utilized cheats. This cheat came with virtual tripwires which are spread at various areas of the maps. When the cheater steps on a tripwire, a random punishment is activated. Likewise Read – CSGO was the most played game on Steam in October

ScriptKid CSGO cheat punishments

Burning Male: This one’s basic and was utilized in the previous trojan too. When the cheater attempts to utilize a grenade or Molotov, it will drop to the ground, at their feet. They will not have the ability to avoid it considering that the movement keys are immediately unbound for a couple of seconds. Also Check out – Valve stops CSGO crucial trading and selling to stop criminals washing cash

No Plant or Defuse: When the cheater tries to plant or pacify the bomb, it immediately cancels at the last second and plays a fake “The bomb has actually been pacified” sound result to confuse them.

Huge Spender: During a buy round, the cheater arbitrarily drops low-cost weapons like the Mp9 or Nova to ruin their economy.

No Spray 4 U: While spraying with a gun, there’s a half chance cheater will drop all weapons in the stock.

Invert Mouse: Whenever the cheater intends down scope (with AWP or the SSG), his mouse gets inverted.

Violence Speed Momentum: The cheater gets +100 level of sensitivity and starts leaping randomly for a couple of seconds.

ButterFingers: The cheater drops his weapon whenever he tries to shoot.

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Do You Even Objective Brother: When the cheater aims towards an enemy, the crosshair is randomly shifted far from the opponent and needs to be by hand dragged back, making it difficult to land a shot.

BloodBrothers: Whenever the crosshair of the cheater is on a teammate, the weapon begins shooting automatically.

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