The Valorant beta ends tomorrow, May 29, and today the final major competition of the beta, the G2 Esports European Brawl II also concludes with a stacked final 4 groups later on today.

The G2 Esports European Brawl II competition includes a huge $12,500 reward pool and leading groups from around Europe. The majority of the teams are made up of gamers from one country, making this a fight for global pride as well as the money available.

In the very first semi-final of the day Group UK takes on Group ScreaM, a roster that includes players from Belgium, the UK, Latvia and France. After that Team Finland will handle Team Turkey.

The winners of both semi-finals will then head to the grand final that is due to take place at 8pm BST today. You can enjoy all of the action on the G2 Esports Twitch channel.

So far in the competitors, Team Spain, which was headed by G2 CEO and previous League of Legends pro Carlos “ocelote” Rodríguez Santiago, and Group Balkans were knocked out in the group stage, while Team Germany, Group Sweden, Team Poland and Team France were all knocked out in the quarter-final phase.

So far in the competitors most matches have not been extremely close. The only quarter-final that went to a game 3 was the battle in between Group Poland and Team Finland, which was without a doubt the most amusing series up until now. However, with the really best groups now facing off against each other in the knockout phase you can be sure that today’s action will be the finest we have actually seen yet.

The Valorant beta is because of end tomorrow after nearly 2 months of being offered. The beta is closing 4 days before Valorant is because of completely introduce on June 2, with a brand-new map, brand-new agent and new game mode anticipated to launch around the launch window. Competitions in the beta have shown to be exceptionally popular, with thousands of dollars in cash prize distributed currently. This interest is just expected to increase as soon as the game introduces next week.

Up until now the leading groups have primarily been comprised of top players from CS: GO and Overwatch, but with countless players getting access to the game for the very first time next week you can expect some brand-new star players to start increasing to the top extremely quickly.