Great deals of doubtful roster movement is keeping Department 2 interesting.

Without Valve straight supervising the Significant competitions going on in the current online landscape for the Dota 2 competitive scene, there are numerous aspects of roster management that aren’t presently being implemented.

Particularly in regards to alternatives, groups have been free to rotate stand-in gamers in and out as needed due to the issues local play brings for some lineups. And because of temporary roster modifications made often over the last two months, some rosters have actually abused that liberty.

The most glaring example of abuse in regards to stand-in and replacement gamers is happening during WePlay! Pushka League Division 2, where Yolo Knight has actually taken on 10 various gamers throughout the event. This means that 5 brand-new gamers have stepped in at different indicate bet a team that ended up certifying for the playoffs.

And while Division 2 does not use big prize money like the Department 1 bracket does, the 2 leading finishers will immediately be moved into Department 1 for the 2nd season.

Here are all of the gamers that have bet Yolo during the event, leaving out Evil Geniuses’ Cr1t, who, according to statistician Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, is expected to have fun with the team through their last matches.

The initial Yolo lineup qualified for Department 2 on its own, however bringing in stand-ins over and over when gamers aren’t carrying out or because they can’t arrange their roster properly shouldn’t be enabled. Especially when some of those later subs wind up being names like ANGUISH and Cr1t, who might potentially swing the entire competition.

Right now, Yolo is set to play in the semifinals, with the winner making it into the top two and declaring a spot in Department 1 next season. If Cr1t is allowed to stand-in for Yolo, this might press them over the edge in a very invalid way.

The team was already permitted to play using a gamer, Sunlight, who previously subbed in for Aggressive Mode in Department 2 prior to that lineup pulling out of the competitors early. Noxville notes that this was permitted due to special situations, however what could make up enabling much more alternatives? was already essentially robbed of a spot in Department 2 after the former-Chicken Fighters roster, who Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp and his group beat in the open qualifiers, were signed by Ninjas in Pyjamas, and hence allowed into Division 1 in place of the previous lineup. It would not be reasonable to see them dominate Department 2 approximately this point, simply to be up to a patched together group of stand-ins that was combined under doubtful ways.

This is not the first instance of WePlay! being under fire for several factors, consisting of one group in Department 2 got rid of due to match-fixing claims and, most recently, filing DMCA declares that removed independent broadcasts of the tournament’s matches.

Depending upon how WePlay! manages the rest of Pushka League, there could be some repercussions from the community concerning how season 2 is perceived. is set to play versus Yolo at 3pm CT on May 11 to see which group will make the finals and get the call up for season 2.