The heavy-ish lifting isn’t done yet, New york city Yankees fans. The team still has to clear one lineup area to include the newly-signed Darren O’Day, and we can expect another finalizing or 2 to come, which would need 2 more roster vacancies.

However for now, we can celebrate the official statements of DJ LeMahieu and Corey Kluber, both of whom consented to offers back on Jan. 15. At the time, the Yankees had a full 40-man roster and were obviously dealing with getting Jameson Taillon in a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates, which ultimately opened the two areas for DJ and Kluber.

Taillon, strangely enough, was revealed on Sunday, well before these people, but it’s all finally done! The Device is back in the Bronx where he belongs and he brings with him a Klubot. 2 of the most mentally not available males we’ve ever seen take the field. But Yankees fans are caring every second of it.

The LeMahieu totally free agency legend is over, people. Exhale.

Little League legend DJ LeMahieu. It’s when the Machine first found his engine. Cute.

Good on the Yankees graphic style group, too, who had about three months to get this gif together in preparation for the reunion. Even much better? The replies!

What’s more New York City than Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort ?! A great deal of things, actually! But it’s fun!

Some of the other replies, though? A taaad unsuitable, but at least some people are being truthful. How else can you feel about potentially having two Cy Young prospects in the exact same starting rotation?

Sorry however … this is what occurs when you’re blue-balled from baseball transactions for almost 3 months. The bad stuff begins concerning the surface.

How about some highlights? Somebody was kind adequate to offer a montage of Kluber dominance during his time with the Cleveland Indians, and it’s safe to say our buddy Eric’s prompts will be satisfied viewing this two-minute video.

That’s the great things. That’s the ceiling we’re expecting. Perhaps we’re being a bit too positive, however this is the energy we need. Whatever is much better in the Bronx when the spirit of the fan base is a high as can be.

We’re a few more deals away from formally having the 2021 group all set for battle. Then, the road to redemption starts.