If there’s one complaint I ‘d have to state is quite main to the Xbox Beta (PC) app, it ‘d have to be its lack of mod assistance. Mods can be anywhere from entirely brand-new things to games, down to minor modifications and various maps. They might not appear like a lot, however they’re terrific for increasing game replayability. It’s a huge reason Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is as huge as it is today. The good news is however, it appears like Microsoft has heard our wishes. Thanks to a current update through the Xbox Beta app, video games now have some of the structures to start supporting mods.

This, regrettably, hasn’t entered into much of the Xbox Beta App just yet. Presently, the just reported game enjoys the Breach. As time goes on though and developers find out about the feature, opportunities are we’ll be seeing a lot more pop up. It’s for the much better too, as a great deal of these games are about to end up being far more replayable. For example, Cities: Skylines will likely get a whole host of mods to add further depth to a currently great video game. There’s a good opportunity there will likewise be mods for ARK: Survival Evolved, Clustertruck, My Time at Portia, and more! None of these are validated yet, but there’s a likelihood offered their modding communities.

This is a big action in the right direction for the Xbox Beta App, and it isn’t all Microsoft has actually been up to recently. Leaked was their upcoming Project Mercury which is an enormous overhaul to the Xbox Shop. It looks gorgeous so far, and you can find out more about it here. Ideally, you find a video game with modding assistance already that gets it on the Beta app. Is there a list of video games you wish to see get modding support? Any games you want had support for mods? Let us understand, and stay tuned at The Geek Stash for all your news, reviews, and more.