The League of Legends World Champion is right around the corner and the early notes for Patch 10.19 highlight buffs for champions who aren’t seeing a great deal of love in competitive play today.

League’s lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter launched a sneak peek today of the modifications we’ll see for the patch that groups will contend on in Shanghai at Worlds.

For the leading lane, Irelia’s supreme is getting more power, with the perimeters of her attack-disabling spell dealing additional damage at higher ranks (125-275 >> > 125-375).

In the jungle, less-common choices may diversify the meta as Ivern and Udyr receive buffs to their utility and damage, respectively. Ivern’s E, Triggerseed, shields an ally and slows opponents near that ally when the guard expires. That slow is being increased (40-60% >> > 50-70%), offering this encouraging jungler more carry-protecting potential. For Udyr’s Phoenix (R) form’s cone of flames, both base damage and AP scaling are increased (50-275 (+60% AP) >> > 50-325 (+70% AP)).

Midlane might see some more skirmishing as Ahri will be able to access her Fox-Fire (W) more, as it’s seeing reductions in both cooldown (10-6 >> > 9-5) and mana expense (55 >> > 40). On the other hand, counterpick prospective boosts as Sylas’s supreme, Hijack, is getting its cooldown reduced at greater ranks (100-60 >> > 100-40), solidifying his place as a strong option against champions with international, game-changing ultimates like Galio and Twisted Fate.

With perhaps the most volatility from these modifications, botlane’s meta appears primed to move as more conventional carries are seeing increases in power. While Sivir is getting more kiting and beat possible with a buff to her passive, which provides her increased motion speed (30-50 >> > 35-55) after damaging an opponent champion, Vayne and Aphelios are getting flat damage enthusiasts. For Aphelios, a champion that saw extremely little competitive play after a series of nerfs, an addition to his ADVERTISEMENT development per level (2 >> > 2.4) might simply be what it takes to see the formidable champ at Worlds. On the other hand, Vayne’s ultimate, Final Hour, will increase her attack damage much more (25-55 >> > 35-65), giving her the bring potential that might simply edge out the utility that existing meta botlaners like Ashe and Senna can use.

With these spot notes, we might see a big shake-up in the meta, with lots of modifications oriented towards more strength for AD carries. On top of this, with some energy increases for other functions, the possibility of hypercarry botlaners supported by their team may come to life. Eventually, these changes make certain to spice up the action for Worlds, which you can watch beginning Sept. 25.