Riot Games just recently revealed the brand-new “League of Legends” champion and K/DA star Seraphine, however it was quickly met a little debate as an artist with the username @step_nie on Twitter said that she feels that the character was based upon her through a Twitter thread and a Medium post.

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The artist declared she may be the inspiration behind “League of Legend’s” new character, Seraphine. Artist Claimed ‘League of Legends’ Character was Based upon Her.

According to the artist, she presumes that the new “LoL” champion was based upon her offered the strong similarity between Seraphine and her, especially with the eye and hair color, plus their names were likewise comparable.

Additionally, the artist stated her cat, drawings, and selfies might have been utilized as the basis for the Starry-Eyed Songstress.

Based on her Medium post, she had already prepared for individuals’s response on her claims which she in fact feared of what people will state, however according to her, her claims are not without reason as she dated a Riot staff member early 2019, which strengthened her suspicion.

In both her Twitter thread and Medium post, she shared what happened between her and “John,” the name she offered to hide the guy’s true identity as well as some screenshots of the texts between her and John.

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Quickly Dated a Riot Employee.

According to PCGamer, the two just dated for three months and just fulfilled twice.

They otherwise chatted and played “League of Legends” together, but during that short period, the woman said John apparently raised some concepts for an Ahri skin, which was her favorite “LoL” champ, and that it was based on her.

Furthermore, John provided Riot illustrators her artwork depicting her as Ahri, and that John stated he might influence the K/DA task.

All of this was “weird” for the lady, seeing as they have only dated briefly.

After she visited him in Los Angeles for a Riot tour, she cancelled all future strategies and said that John was moving too quick, so John ended things with her and blocked her.

What’s more, in 2019 when they were still together, John had actually assured the girl that a K/DA surprise would be announced on her birthday, and on that day, Riot Games did announced the arrival of Seraphine and captioned that the character was “working” with K/DA.

Since of all this, the artist stated she had actually employed a legal representative and is “seriously thinking about legal action” against the video gaming business.

Riot’s Response.

Sure enough, the artist’s claims went viral in a matter of hours and reached Riot.

According to Inven Global’s Tim Rizzo, the company rejects all claims that the new “League of Legends” character was based upon anybody, consisting of the artist, and that the company separately developed her.

” Furthermore, the previous staff member Ms. ***** is referring to left Riot more than a year ago and remained in a department and role that has no input whatsoever into the imaginative design process,” Riot even more mentioned.

The business likewise stated they had examined the claims made by the artist after receiving the complaint from her attorney, however they verified her accusations lack benefit and have connected to her attorney to talk about the facts even more.

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