Menomonie (WQOW) – High school sports were bound to look different this fall and for some groups that difference is on their lineup.

Menomonie young boys soccer has seen their team go from over 40 gamers last season, to just 21.

Head Coach Meagan Frank states families choosing out due to health concerns, plus the loss of forex trainees, represent the dramatic drop.

Still the Mustangs are finding the silver lining of a compact crew.

” It is certainly a lot smaller sized than we have actually ever had in the past,” says Frank. “There is some advantage because, provided that we can focus very specifically on this specific group of kids. That part is going to be great, I think they are going to be very tight and linked with one another after this entire experience is over. And I’m actually pleased with how focused this specific group is. They are here to play.”

However it’s not all advantageous.

A small roster means more minutes for players, in addition to the possibility for injuries and fatigue.

The Mustangs have spent this very first week focusing on clever mental decisions, that will help keep the team fresh the whole video game.

” We’re going to try to remain healthy and make sure we can out-perform,” states left wing Gabe Tronnier. “Have fun with our minds and not work our muscles too hard.”

” We do not have too many gamers this year, so we’re big on possession and attempting to keep the ball,” says goalie Jonathan Fenton. “Not make small errors that provide up huge opportunities for the other group.”

Menomonie starts their season Tuesday, taking on Hudson.