IOWA CITY, Iowa– Gradually, sports life is coming back to regular in Iowa. The football season is over, but the men’s and women’s basketball teams entered the weekend with a combined 19-3 record. The No. 1 wrestling group will hit the mat for the very first time in 10 months and other sports approach their start dates for both competition and practice.

So, without hold-up, let’s enter your concerns.

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Agree or disagree: If Fran can’t make a deep competition run with (arguably) the finest gamer in the college video game and a supporting cast of experienced gamers, then possibly it’s time to accept Fran McCaffery is a really “typical” coach.

Mason D., Des Moines.

I bristle, even be reluctant, on turning private video games or seasons into referendums on coaching traditions. In this case, nevertheless, I do believe this is a season where we can judge Fran …