When does the League of Legends Lunar Revel event start? Lunar Revel is returning to League of Legends for 2021 and skins are being released for the excellent occasion. New updates to the video game make it more enjoyable to play than ever. However, when is the Lunar New Year event?

Here’s what to learn about the 2021 Lunar Revel occasion in League of Legends.

The occasion as revealed from the past years starts towards the end of January and runs into early March. Back in 2019, the event started on Jan. 28. The event itself can go all the way into March as in 2019, it ended on March 4.

The Lunar Revel has actually been going on given that 2011. To commemorate this Riot releases suitable skins for this event to champs for gamers to use as cosmetics. Players must anticipate joyful summoner icons, ornamental ward skins, additions to in-game consumables and far more.

The Lunar Revel has likewise consisted of skin additions and the last 2 seem to be Aphelios and Annie as the next addition to the Lunar Beast skins.