This week we discover Yoshi’s tax evasion criminal offenses, find out which member of congress is really excellent at League of Legends, go over filling times, and question the point of sesame seeds on buns.

I question if the next generation of consoles will have to do things like this to consist of suggestions between deaths, presuming all this talk of “no loading screens” ends up being true.

I never ever liked Yoshi. And after that I learnt he committed tax evasion. Pretty cool dinosaur.

Or, if you like awful, horrible problem creatures, do not upgrade your motorists.

The real response for everyone ought to be a TELEVISION or screen, but that would have been tiring.

More political leaders playing video games and fewer politicians screaming about covid-19 conspiracy theories, please.

If too numerous people begin doing this and having fun with it, Bungie will nerf it or eliminate it from the video game.

This is strange, but I never ever truly noticed sesame seeds on buns until years ago when somebody jokingly asked why they are on the buns at all. I looked down and was stunned.

Trailers & Videos From The Past Week

I’m a sucker for a Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes-style mobile video game, but I can’t really pre-register for this video game because my brand name brand-new phone isn’t compatible? Unusual.

This seems like some status drama intro. Something that people discuss for weeks on Twitter and then the last episodes draw and everyone carries on.

In Soviet Russia, old jokes still amusing.

Speed Architecture sounds like some bad Star Trek technobabble. “Sir, our velocity architecture generator is damaged. We need to straighten our outside energy dampeners to make up for the boost in posi-drift momentum.”