The Moonstone Renewer and the Staff of Flowing Water product combination can be extremely broken in League of Legends Season 11.

While many of the out of balance products are still getting a rework after the Season 11 update, Nick “LS” De Cesare noted out a bunch of heroes that can exploit the Moonstone Renewer and the Personnel of Flowing Water product combination.

According to LS, champs that effectively handle to build these two items within the 15-16 minute mark can end up being extremely overbearing while likewise scaling remarkably for the late game.

As mentioned by the League of Legends caster and expert, the lethal element of this product combo is the enormous quantity of recover that can be produced in fights, in addition to extra motion speed to hunt down enemies.

Prior to getting into what makes this combo exceptionally powerful, let’s have a look at the private requirements for the Moonstone Renewer and the Staff of Flowing Water.

Gamers require an overall of 4,800 gold to purchase both the products in a game of League of Legends. Given that gamers in core positions can finish building both these products by 15-16 minutes, the quantity of recover and motion speed produced from these two items gives a huge advantage to any group.

LS also provided an entire list of heroes that can significantly gain from this item combination. The list presented by LS consists of heroes such as:

Some might argue that building Severe Injuries in League of Legends might help counter this combination. However, the fact that several champions on the very same group can build the Moonstone Renewer indicates gamers can quickly outheal the debuff caused by Grievous Injuries.

Until and unless Riot Games steps forward with a rework or repair, the only way for players to counter this unbalanced item combo in League of Legends is to build the exact same item combo themselves.