I’m looking for an excellent GPU for my Ryzen 5 2400G, my motherboard is a Biostar B45M2, which is sort of cheap, I also only have 8gbs of single channel 2400mhz RAM. I’m wanting to update to 16gbs of 3000mhz, dual channel memory, but I desire an excellent graphics card to play Fortnite, Valorant, League of Legends competitively at 240+ FPS and stream and modify videos.

You have goals and we definitely like that! The request for 240 FPS+ is going to need a card that presently doesn’t exist. Even at 1080p, the present 2080 Ti just offers an average of 200 FPS in Fortnite and moving that to 1440p drops it to 160 FPS.

To have the ability to game and stream, you’ll certainly desire a memory upgrade and I would suggest 16GB of 3600MHz if your board has that choice – it does appear to support 3200MHz with an overclock. Modifying video will likely be all CPU power so if you find it a bit sluggish, so I would take a look at updating the CPU.