Esports have actually become progressively popular recently and there are even hopes competitive video gaming will end up being an Olympic sport one day.

A few of the world’s finest esports players make millions – primarily from sponsorship and marketing, although prize cash can contribute too.

So what are the highest-paid esports games in the gaming world?

The highest-paid esports game to date is Dota 2, according to

The action real-time strategy game has granted $229.4 m (₤ 164.7 m) from nearly 1,500 competitions since it was released in 2013.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive $109.2 m (₤ 78.4 m) sits second on the list and popular mainstream video game Fortnite $99.4 m (₤ 71.4 m) finishes the leading three.

An overwhelming majority of the leading 100 paid players originate from Dota 2 which has actually seen the video game’s popularity skyrocket.

Dota 2 has the greatest reward pools of any contemporary esports mainly due to its unique method of funding.

A considerable part of its reward swimming pools originates from Fight Pass purchases in the video game which contribute straight to major competition prizes.

Simply put, it’s a whole bunch of digital bonus offers for Dota 2 gamers to buy to enhance their gaming experience.

The incentive is for Fight Pass owners to play matches, earn points and level it up, and ultimately unlock products and benefits.

Dota 2’s appeal is likewise improved with its appearance at one of the most commonly recognised esports events each year at The International.

The International 2019, which occurred in Shanghai, ranked as the highest-paid esports competition worldwide, with a total prize swimming pool worth $34.3 m (₤ 24.7 m).

Last year’s competition was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic however there are prepare for the 2021 occasion to take place in Stockholm, Sweden in August.

The prize swimming pool is yet to be verified.

The following are the highest-paid esports games worldwide:

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