Miami Dolphins fans will have to make due without the group taking the field this week– the Dolphins are resting this weekend and hoping to get healthy for their stretch go to the end of the regular season. The hope? That the bye week will afford Miami maintenance of numerous remaining injuries and place the Dolphins to come out completely force for their last 10 games to make a strong statement as a prospective playoff contender.

So without the Dolphins to amuse us this weekend, how should Dolphins fans tackle utilizing their Sunday afternoon?

There will be no scarcity of opportunities to lay eyes on some of Miami’s upcoming opponents, for beginners. If anybody who cheers for the team would like an advanced take a look at Miami’s new few opponents, they’ll have every opportunity to do so. The next month of Miami’s schedule is as follows:

Week 7: Bye Week 8: vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 9: @ Arizona Cardinals Week 10: vs. Los Angeles Chargers Week 11: @ Denver Broncos

The next two opponents for Miami, the Rams & Cardinals, both presently sit at 4-2 on the season and, conveniently enough, are set up to play in the Sunday night and Monday night time slots this weekend. So you, together with the Dolphins, can get a genuine time look at how Miami will require to try to safeguard and score on both teams.

There’s been much made about Tua Tagovailoa’s very first start coming versus the likes of Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams– however the Dolphins will undoubtedly be probing for ways to negate his effect on the game. You, too, can engage in the search for those responses when the Rams face off against Chicago on Monday night. Amidst all of the action this week, there’s a lot of engaging stories for Dolphins fans to dial into; consisting of video game planning for the upcoming schedule.

The entire nation will get a take a look at Miami’s next 2 opponents.