The announcement of the change of place for WrestleMania 37 which would originally take place in California and now it will be in Tampa Bay, brought with it a couple more surprises, as it will be held in 2 days and whatever seems to suggest that it would be with public.

At WrestleMania 36 the original place for the occasion would be the Raymond James Stadium; However, the COVID-19 pandemic suggested that the event might not be held in that location and it was transferred to Efficiency Center, where it was made are public.

Subsequently, it was revealed that California would be the place where the 37th edition would occur; However with the pandemic to all that it gives up that state, it was decided to move the pieces and it was revealed that the one that would be the headquarters of in 2015, will now be that of this 2021.

In addition, it was revealed that as in 2020, the most essential occasion of the company It will be two days, April 10 and 11. But in addition, it is planned that there will be an audience, about 14 thousand individuals per occasion.

“The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been offering around 14 thousand tickets at Raymond James Stadium for home video games. You know, clearly, as we all know Ron DeSantis, the guv of Florida, he basically purchased the tickets. Then they can do whatever they want. I suppose that this will be the highlight of the first WWE program with fans”Declared Wrestling Observer journalist Dave Meltzer.

However, it has not been clarified how the logistics of the event will be, since it is more than likely that the Fan Axxes and the Hall of Fame be virtually.

However generally WWE fans come from different parts of the nation and even the world for WrestleMania, which might take place for this occasion. So hotels, dining establishments and other venues must be prepared to get individuals.

Likewise, if independent business chose to do their WrestleMania Weekend events as every year, there would be even more danger of contagion.

It is not yet known what will continue with the WWE occasion, due to the fact that although there is little time left, the tickets have actually not been placed on sale.