By Miguel Uceda – PUBLISHED ON 12/31/2020 AT 05:03

Erick redbeard, formerly referred to as Erick rowan While in WWE, he has actually made a guest look on the episode of AEW Dynamite tribute to Brodie lee.

During the combat that faced John silver, Alex Reynolds and Hangman Page with MJF, Santana and Ortiz, Wardlow he attempted to interfere in favor of his team throughout a referee distraction to acquire the advantage in a relatively even match. However, Erick redbeard he made a surprise look to neutralize him and leave the Inner Circle without their main property in the corner, as both Redbeard and Wardlow battled backstage.

Pissed off, MJF eliminated the mask that covered Brodie Lee Jr.’s face., who was seeing the action from ringside. The kid ended up hitting him with a kendo stick on the head, crippling him and leaving the victory on a tray to the group of John silver, which covered Ortiz with a Discus Lariat in the style of “The Exalted One”.

After the match, Redbeard went back to the ring and merged a psychological hug with Silver and Reynolds, displaying an indication that read “Bye-bye for now, my sibling. I’ll see you soon”.

Brodie lee and Erick redbeard they formed a group in Wwe for much of their careers under the names of Luke harper and Erick rowan, highlighting its passage through NXT and on the primary roster as members of the Wyatt household next to Bray wyatt. His last task in the tag group was under the group called The Bludgeon Brothers.

Off the television Brodie Lee, Erick Redbeard and Bray Wyatt had a deep relationship.

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