Valve has actually formally opened the ballot for The International 2020 Battle Pass Collector’s Cache in the Dota 2 Workshop.

Much like every year, this indicates players who own the Fight Pass can vote on their favorite styles and help make the last selection.

From now up until June 12, gamers can vote on the 148 sets that made it into the final ballot swimming pool. Each set can be previewed in the workshop or tested in the Dota 2 client for those looking to make the most out of their contribution.

There is likewise a YouTube video that does all the work for you and displays each of the voting options in a fixed rotation.

Collector’s Caches are special Treasures that contain exclusive, non-tradeable cosmetic items that can only be acquired during The International, though it generally goes up a little earlier than the real competitors. Over the last 2 years there have actually been two iterations of the Cache in each Fight Pass, and it has already been confirmed that there will be 2 for the 2020 pass too.

Battle Pass owners will simply scroll through all of the designs and offer either a thumbs up or down to each set, which reveals if you want it to make the last cut into the Collector’s Cache at the end of the ballot duration. Sets with the greatest ratings will be included as the main products in the Cache when it does release.

You have till June 12 to try and get some cool designs contributed to the video game, so go make your vote count.