The best Counter-Strike group in history has been eliminated after the very first day of the playoffs in Katowice. Virtus Pro beat Astralis 2-1 today in the quarterfinals of the Intel Extreme Masters World Champion.

The series was a close affair throughout with both teams striking double digits on the scoreboard in all three maps. VP took their choice of Overpass to begin the series, with the young Mareks “YEKINDAR” Gaļinskis leading the method. He had more than 112 points of damage per round and a first-kill differential of +5.

Astralis had the ability to reset the series rating on Train. They won their map pick 16-12 on the shoulders of strong group play from all the Danes. This forced the series to Counter-Strike’s finest map for choosing series, Inferno.

The 2 sides divided the first half, with Astralis holding a narrow 8-7 lead at halftime after their T-side. But VP fired back with a lot more impressive T-side. YEKINDAR showed up substantial once again with a 29-kill performance and VP declared 9 out of 12 rounds in the second half to send out Astralis house early.

For Astralis, this marks their earliest exit from a CS: GO world championship at Katowice. At every prior iteration, including the 2019 Major, they either reached the semifinals or won the whole thing.

For VP, their victory includes another impressive arise from the CIS region here at Katowice. Themselves, Group Spirit, and Gambit Esports all stay in the playoffs after qualifying through the play-in stage. VP will deal with the only non-CIS group remaining, Group Liquid, in the semifinals tomorrow.