These brave, inanimate fans have actually sacrificed their lives to provide you some damn environment.

Someday, when this is all over– cotton masks pushed away, untouched, in the back of your sock drawer– we’ll look back at this minute in American sports. And we’ll state what the fuck. The NBA plays its games within miles of It’s a Small World. The MLB is one huge video game of catch the coronavirus. The NFL expanded its rosters so that teams can inevitably funnel in healthy players to change the sick ones. The NCAA is waging a genuine civil war, college football one giant free-for-all where schools are playing whatever teams are left standing and ready to risk it.

Even stranger? We’ll take a look at the photography, too, and see stuffed animals in the stands of baseball arenas, children and pets goofing around in the background of the NBA playoffs, and the Phillie Phanatic trying to rally an Amazon packing center’s worth of cardboard to do the wave. While the state of the world is totally horrifying and cause for mass dissociation, at least, we’ve seen some creative stand-ins for sports fans the past couple of months. Here’s the finest and worst of them.