Austrian off laner Tobias “Tobi” Buchner will no longer be playing Dota 2 under the banner, the company announced today.

This ends Tobi’s 14-month stint with As part of the company’s first lineup model, the team went on an outstanding run throughout 2020, winning 10 competitions, like the Dota Top 13 in November over Team Liquid. The lineup established themselves as a dark horse contender in the stacked Europe area, including certifying for the upper department of the first DPC Regional League in January.

But were not able to hold onto their spot in the upper division, despite notable wins over OG and Group Nigma. The lineup will be relegated to the lower division for season two of the Regional League, with a slim chance at getting approved for The International through a local qualifier held at the end of the competition.’s captain Melchior “Seleri” Hillenkamp, who had been teammates with Tobi since the org’s facility, posted a goodbye message to his former off laner, saying that they had actually “accomplished more than the majority of people would have anticipated from [them]”.

It’s likely that the group will move on with KheZu, who’s been playing in location of Tobi since an announcement in mid-February. KheZu has because gotten involved in all of’s matches in the DPC, along with the continuous Snow Sweet Snow tournament.