Viego’s Voice star is a mystery at this time as it has actually not been revealed regarding who it might be. Viego is a brand-new champ, supposedly coming out on Jan 21 with patch 11.2. He is an upcoming jungler and to nobody’s surprise, it appears like a great release to come as Riot has been pumping out fantastic jungle releases forever now.

Riot had actually formerly teased Viego in September’s Champ Roadmap. They started in referring to him as a “romantic brand-new jungle skirmisher” who will be “twisting hearts and having minds.”

Viego will also be making an appearance as the title villain for Riot’s upcoming RPG, The Ruined King: A League of Legends Story.

The track of new champions appears like players will be getting a brand-new on every 2 months with a various role or lane in mind.

As of now Viego’s voice is unidentified, and gamers will have to wait and see who it could be. Perhaps it’s a previous voice actor returning for another function or perhaps it’s an entirely brand-new one that is all set to shine for this essential champion, the neighborhood will simply need to wait and see.