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League of Legends has actually brought a lot of changes in its preseason 11, such as the user interface and new store, but specific changes have been so uneven that less than a day after its release Mark Yetter has revealed that spot 10.23 will get a hotfix to enhance the game.

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Mark Yetter announced the enhancements to come through Twitter where he published: “We understand there is a lot to do in the next spots, starting with fixing most of the champs and out of balance items.”

Modifications to champs:

Viktor: Receive several debuffs.

The ratio of your [E1] passes from a [70%] magic damage to a [50%]

The base damage of your reproduction [E] pass [20-80] to [20-140]

Kassadin: Several of his statistics are increased.

Your life per level goes from [90] to [150]

The base mana cost of your [R] pass [50] to [40]

Changes to things:

Jungle item for AP. It is the only product that is going to be enhanced. Your burn damage ratio goes up from [10%] to [20%]


Your damage is decreased from [8%] to [6%] maximum life.

Movement speed granted from [30%] to [15%]

Liandry’s Torment: Her magical penetration of [5%] per second up to [25%] now go to [5%] per second as much as [15%]

Lynch Bane: Enchanted Blade’s magic damage is altered from a [60%] from ratio to [50%]
Guinsoo’s Fury Blade:

2600 gold now costs 2800

Your hit damage per [20%] from critic goes from [45] to [40]

Luanr Stone Renewal: Repaired a bug where allies who remained in fight were not healing well.

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