The controversy surrounding 4 Angry Men’s newest Dota 2 team continues to mount.

According to an official release from Vici Video gaming, former VG bring Eurus is henceforth prohibited from turning out for his new team, due to a failure to meet the player’s transfer costs.

Read the full release listed below, as translated by Dot Esports.

” The offer regarding the transfer of Eurus from VG to Elephant in this season’s window is yet to be finished. Providing due consideration to the gamer, we still allowed Eurus to join his new group and get involved in practice and competition,

Till today, nevertheless, the transfer fee for Eurus stays unresolved. There is no interaction from Elephant relating to a concrete date for payment, therefore avoiding the transfer from being formally finished.

After interaction between both parties, Eurus will be momentarily prohibited from competitive play for his new group until 4AM clears the transfer fee.

We hope that the fans understand the choice.”

Elephant, one of China’s largest multi-channel networks, is the sponsor of 4AM’s Dota 2 department, and was the company tagged by VG’s release rather than its Dota 2 group. According to an official release from 4AM, however, the relationship in between the 2 parties might be more tenuous than expected.

4AM clarified that the organization is an independent club. The partnership between Elephant and 4AM was checked in March 2019, allowing the multi-channel network control of 4AM’s numerous social media accounts.

The esports club specified that the Elephant encountered defaults during the collaboration, and that conversations about the operations of the Dota 2 division did not flourish.

“The Dota 2 department is momentarily an independent entity funded and run wholly by Elephant. Settlements regarding a collaboration between both parties for the Dota 2 group is still in the works,” 4AM wrote, as equated by Dot Esports.

This isn’t the very first time where the organization has actually come under fire for its bad handling. 4AM at first debuted its roster with Sylar. Less than a day later on, the bring player was unceremoniously gotten rid of from the group, with main statements of the news erased.

4AM’s coach, Dong “Conceal” Han, is currently standing in for the main roster. It’s tough to replace a player of Eurus’ caliber, however, and the team is rushing their roles between video games in order to discover the finest suitable for their present tournament runs.