Video gaming is becoming an everyday of life for a large majority of the population and is set to continue its trend. Lots of computer game are rising in cost and becoming unaffordable for some. In this post, we discuss 2 video games we suggest trying this year that are all totally free to play.


Previously, Rocket League used to cost brand-new players ₤ 14.99 to buy. However, when Legendary Games took over the game in late 2020, it rapidly became free to play. Ever since, Rocket League is reaching over 1 million active online gamers!

Why Sign Up With The Rocket League Community? As pointed out, the RL neighborhood is continuously growing so why not get involved? Rocket League is a totally distinct vehicle football video game making it stand out from the rest. The video game has no hackers. And when we say zero, we imply no. Pysonix, the founders of Rocket League, announced that it is difficult for gamers to hack throughout online matches. Am I Late To The Game?

We hear numerous players mention they are not playing Rocket League due to the fact that “they are far too late to the game”. We completely understand this choice as Rocket League has actually been out for around 6 years. However, the real response is no. As mentioned in the past, there has been a rise in new players over the last 5 months implying if you start now, you will not have much reaching the millions of new gamers.

How Can I Rank Up Quicker?

Many gamers out there want to enhance their rank. Here are a number of techniques to enhancing your rank rapidly:

Putting time and effort into the video game. You will hear this from everyone in the neighborhood but do not anticipate to improve without playing. Rocket League enhancing- Business such as Pro MB Gaming deal this service. This can be done by a booster logging into your account or you can even have fun with the booster to rank up. Valorant

Valorant is our 2nd free to play video game of 2021. It launched in June 2020 by Riot Games and is a first-person shooter really similar Counter Strike Global Offensive.

Why Is Valorant Different To CS: GO?

Both video games share the very same principle of a search and damage game mode, both are first-person shooters along with having nearly similar gunplay.

However, there is one element to Valorant that makes it unique and, in our viewpoint, more satisfying. That is character capabilities. Each gamer chooses a character to play as for that match. Select your character carefully as they each have different capabilities to assist your gameplay. On top of the video game being totally free, characters also come free making Valorant, not a pay-to-win video game.

How Can I Rank Up Quicker?

Compared to Rocket League, it can be slightly harder to rank up in Valorant. This is because of it being a larger team-based video game instead of specific performances. In Valorant, matches are a 5v5 instead of your maximum 3v3 in Rocket League.

However here are a couple of suggestions to rank up quickly in Valorant:

Seeing Expert players. In addition to skill-based, Valorant can be an extremely strategic game. For that reason, seeing and discovering off the very best players in the video game must enhance your strategic element rapidly. Valorant rank improving- Once again, Pro MB Gaming offers this service and it can be done by playing with a booster or by the booster playing on your account.

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