Earning bitcoins for playing Counter Strike is possible, thanks to a brand-new advancement that rewards users of the famous game through Lightning Network, the second layer option that enables you to send bitcoins immediately and at an extremely low cost.

The application called Infuse permits gamers to make satoshis (bitcoin portions) for each enemy eliminated in the video games of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a mythical computer game with fans all over the world.

Christian Moss, co-founder of ZEBEDEE, a video game advancement company, offered a demonstration of Instill on Sunday, where 10 gamers were rewarded with satoshis through the Lightning Network. Gamers went into the Counter Strike video game by contributing 10,000 sats. The live broadcast was arranged by the MintGox platform, a business of computer game competitions granted with bitcoin.

The application is not yet offered to the public, but more tests and launches are anticipated throughout the month of January. Although development is still doing not have, Moss mentioned that at the programs level it was rather simple to incorporate Lightning into Counter Strike.

Instill was set up and run on the company-managed Counter Strike server. When readily available to the general public, matches of as much as 16 players will be allowed at the same time. The ZEBEDEE server already gets a month-to-month volume of 20 million special users, says the CEO of the business, which means that this number of gamers could come into contact with Bitcoin by getting involved in the Counter Strike games that take location there.

Moss also proposes enabling users to install Infuse on their servers, so that they can organize customized Counter Strike games. This would enable users to organize competitions and competitors awarded with bitcoin, in among the most popular games recently.

In the meantime, during the first quarter of the year, brand-new ZEBEDEE servers will be opening in areas aside from the United States, the developer reported.

The main factor for this advancement is integrate bitcoin rewards into existing video games, in a friendly and standardized method. This provided the difficulty of developing an effective computer game, that people like and that utilizes Lightning.

In addition, being a little studio, it is difficult to compete in the computer game industry and make a new, unknown video game popular, says the designer.

Although details on scoring, in addition to possible video game modes, still need to be fine-tuned, Moss welcomes the public to join Mintgox’s Discord and remain tuned for upcoming tests and releases.

As we reported in CryptoNews, video games incorporated into the Lightning Network are ending up being a growing number of popular. This holds true of Lightnite, from Satoshis.Games, which now enables multiplayer mode in online video games without limit of individuals.