The Italian-Chinese pro had contributed in MAD Lions’ success in the 2020 routine season.

The MAD Lions League of Legends lineup has had an incredible routine season in 2020, and the current advancements in its roster come as rather a shock to fans.

In its newest tweet, MAD Lions formally revealed that its League of Legends lineup would be parting ways with star jungler Zhiqiang “Shad0w” Zhao.

What shocked League of Legends fans most about this decision was that Shad0w was among the most significant benefactors to the side. His Lee Sin is among the very best in the LEC, and casters and experts alike have actually applauded him for his extraordinary jungle mechanics.

Shad0w was one of the reasons behind MAD Lions having extraordinary Spring and Summertime Divides in 2020.

It was the very first time that the company received the League of Legends Worlds Champion. Supervisor James MacCormack even tweeted about their success in August after the squad beat Schalke 3-1 in the playoffs.

James composed:

” Practically 8 months ago we lost 6-0 to 100 thieves Academy in one of our very first scrim sets of preseason Bootcamp. Today we received the world champion with 4 novices on our roster. I couldn’t be more happy with our remarkable, lovable, mad, mad mad, MAD lions.”

Unlike the routine season, MAD Lions’ League of Legends Worlds run was not as remarkable, and the team might not make it out of the qualifiers and into the group phases.

Shad0w leaving the side can be quite a hinderance to MAD Lions, as the jungler leaves rather a huge hole behind.