When the Los Angeles Lakers took on the Houston Firecrackers on Tuesday night, you felt in one’s bones that LeBron James was going to do something fantastic on the hardwood versus James Harden’s group.

In the 2nd quarter, James would try a 3-pointer from the corner, understanding with every fiber of his being that it was entering. LeBron was so sure of the container that he reversed and waited to hear the response from his colleagues on the bench on his drained pipes shot effort.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors made this type of incredibly minor 3-ball famous, but James simply took it to a whole other level as the Lakers took a 71-48 lead into halftime.

Typically, James takes some valuable me time in January. Usually, his NBA organization remains in the middle of a disorderly scenario. He wants gamers on his team shipped and he desires his men in there to assist him get to another NBA Finals. But with the 2020-21 NBA season beginning so late, James remains in untrodden area in the early part of the season. It appears like he is having a good time here.

You need to believe James entered into warmups eventually just recently believing he could channel his inner Stephen Curry and make an extremely minor 3-point shot attempt like this. For years now, James’ long-range game has actually helped solidify his clutch gene. Besides the patented chase-down block, hitting soul-crushing threes like this are just a part of his Hall-of-Fame arsenal.

Here is to James, Curry and whoever else wants to attempt it to keep drizzling down more no-look 3s.