The League of legends neighborhood is having rather a lot of enjoyable with this typographical mistake.

The League of Legends neighborhood has actually been having rather a bit of enjoyable lately, at the expense of a typographical error found in the ability description for among the champions.

In a current Reddit post, the League of Legends gamer who goes by the deal with of the_real_KILLGOREX, shared something fascinating with the rest of the neighborhood.

He brings into attention the very fact that Lucian’s in-game description for Unrelenting Pursuit, discusses him as “Lucain”.

The capability reads,

” Lucian dashes. Cooldown is decreased by one 2nd whenever Lucain strikes an opponent with Lightslinger (2 seconds for Champions).”.

However, this typographical mistake can only be found in the in-game capability description. The description on the “Champ” section of the “Collection” tab has him discussed as Lucian and not Lucain.’.

What’s quite interesting about this discover is that the typographical error in Lucian’s name might have remained in League of Legends ever because his release back in the August of 2013. And it was only today, after 7 years, that it was given the notification of the League of Legends community.

In the post, the Redditor writes,.

” Lucian is spelled incorrect in the ability description on his e. I wear ´ t understand the length of time this has held true or if I am oblivious to some sort of easter egg, but I do think this must be fixable without breaking the game too much (fingers crossed).”.

Well, the opportunities of the error being an Easter egg for a new Champ can be quite low, and many League of Legends fans feel that it’s just a typing error on Riot’s part.

After the mistake was revealed in the League of Legends neighborhood, there have actually been a great deal of memes and jokes on the thread concerning this.

And some of them are just definitely hilarious:.

League of Legends fans are indeed having an excellent time with this minute typographical error.