With the NHL calendar flipped to January 2021, the Seattle Kraken are closer to ending up being an on-ice reality. The club’s growth draft will be held July 21. A number of the gamers picked will become part of the Kraken’s roster when they start their inaugural season in the fall.

Seattle’s growth draft will operate under the same rules as the Vegas Golden Knights one carried out in 2017. They will be enabled to select one gamer from each group (leaving out the Golden Knights) for an overall of 30 gamers.

Those groups can secure seven forwards, 3 defensemen and one goalie or eight skaters (forwards and defensemen) and one goalie from being prepared. A number of conditions apply. For instance, gamers with no-movement clauses can not be exposed in the draft unless they waive their provisions. First- and second-year players and unsigned draft choices are exempt.

Not all the 30 players picked by the Kraken will be on their roster when the puck drops for 2021-22. Some could head to the minors, while others could end up being offseason trade chips.

Here are our way-too-early predictions on which players they could select in July. We omitted players scheduled to become unrestricted complimentary agents this summer as the Kraken can sign them once they accomplish UFA status July 28.