A group of Dota 2 gamers and modders have gotten together to make a tutorial for the MOBA video game, ahead of the upcoming Netflix animated series. Crowdfunding has been opened on the task, to pay the modders for dealing with it full-time for the next month.

The idea is to make a Dota 2 custom video game that offers a basic gateway for anybody captivated by Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood who hasn’t played before. From the Indiegogo description, the variation will be based on “the current spot, with the existing map, discussing existing mechanics.” Due to custom games requiring maintenance versus disturbance from major updates, the tutorial will just be available for as long as the current variation lasts.

Guides, discord invites, and other neighborhood resources will be included as part of the custom game, making it like a directed trip through the Dota 2 fandom. The one barrier to entry that can’t be altered is that playing in a mod requires you to finish 30 routine rounds first, and though the group is hoping Valve may alter this, it’s something that’ll just need to be worked around for now. The crowdfunding has already met its $10,000 minimum, going for $50,000 to really compensate the developers for their work, and generate other features, like localisation for South American and Chinese players.

Here’s a video, discussing the entire thing more thorough: