All the nerves and nail-biting stresses of Australia’s unsteady start at the T20 World Cup last year returned as Meg Lanning enjoyed the documentary which provided every information of her group’s ultimate victory at the MCG.

Although the Aussie skipper knew it all turned out well, Lanning willingly rode the rollercoaster again.

However the worth of going through that competition, in the house, as favourites, carrying expect a world record crowd at the MCG in the final, can’t be understated.

It hadn’t been that tough before for an outfit always at the top, so used to winning.

It was a knowing experience Lanning stated would have a substantial effect when the Aussies try to do what they have never done, and win the one-day World Cup in New Zealand next year.

” Absolutely. Just in terms of dealing with things when they do not rather go your way,” Lanning informed the NCA NewsWire.

” It was simply learning how to deal with that, not getting too stressed out about it is the essential thing and making certain the team feeds off that too.

” If you get a bit flustered as a leader, everyone can see that. Making certain we are not depending on one or two people, that was crucial too.”

The documentary reveals an unusual meeting of the batters, called by eventual gamer of the competition Beth Mooney, after a first-up loss to India and a close call versus Sri Lanka, turned the tide.

Lanning said the players opened because meeting, yielded they were feeling the pressure despite public statements otherwise, setting a requirement they would now continue.

” The other key out of that meeting was it reinforced that everybody was feeling the same, however we hadn’t really expressed that before it,” she stated.

” Everybody was a touch worried and really wished to do well so possibly we were being a bit timid.

” When you hear other individuals speak about it, it ends up being a bit more clear what you require to do.

” We talked a little bit as a group, that was more around attempting to embrace what was coming. The problem for us was we didn’t really understand what it was going to resemble till we were in the thick of it.

” We had actually never experienced a lead-in to a house World Cup, with a lot discuss it, especially about the last.

” We did leave it down to the individuals with how they wished to speak about that, however as a group, the messaging had to do with trying to embrace it. But that had an impact and we had to adjust as we went.”

Success brings its own pressures too, and in April, Lanning and her group will line-up versus New Zealand with a world record up for grabs.

A success would offer the Aussies 22 ODI wins in a row, breaking the 21-game winning-streak set by the men’s team lead by Ricky Ponting.

” That world record has actually been spoken about a lot more by the media than us as a team,” she said.

” However when we do become aware of the team that holds the record currently and the greats that are in that, it is a great chance for us to keep going.

” The very best aspect of that is it has actually been over a long period of time, it’s benne 2 or 3 years, it hasn’t simply been a couple of excellent series. That shows we have actually had the ability to maintain truly high requirements, and improve too. We need to keep doing that.”

Attaining the world record would indicate Lanning’s group gets here at next year’s ODI World Cup with even more expectation. They would be the finest group, expected to be the very best group, and win a title that has avoided them.

Lanning now understands that pressure, thoroughly, and how they managed it is on “The Record” for everyone to see.

So she’s confident that riding the rollercoaster could be a bit easier next time.

” The understanding from the exterior can be that whatever is well and under control, which’s the impression we attempt to release,” she said.

” However leading in to the previous World Cup in 2017 we didn’t get put under pressure a lot and we most likely go exposed when we were under the pump.

” This time around I feel like we have actually needed to handle certain things. That prepares us really well. We have actually developed as an exam.

” We desire to keep getting much better and the reality we do not hold the 50-over World Cup, that’s an enormous carrot for us and there is a great deal of determination within the group to win that tournament.

” You require a lot of things to go your method to get it right, we understand that, we have actually experienced that, and we’re all much better for it.”