Like a number of the greatest and best MOBA games around, Dota 2 has a pretty steep learning curve, and can be a little daunting for newbies to offer a go. But, one fan of Valve’s battler is seeking to alter that by helping bring new gamers aboard and provide them the self-confidence to get stuck in.

YouTuber and Dota 2 fan YodiBrodi has actually published the second of two videos about his experience of helping a group of beginners give the multiplayer video game a go for the very first time. “I got a huge amount of assistance for the last one – I got people reaching out to me saying they got the self-confidence to try Dota for the very first time, so that’s precisely what this is about,” the YouTuber says in the clip (which is included below).

He kicks things off by asking the group of Dota newbies about their experience with MOBAs so far. Some of them say they have actually been playing others like League of Legends and Smite for a while to just a short time, and some weren’t all that knowledgeable about what Dota is in advance.

YodiBrodi assists them ready up with their Dota 2 heroes and roles, and then they get penetrated some bot slamming as a group before they later on move onto human matches. The YouTuber coaches them through their first steps, explaining the key distinctions in between Valve’s MOBA and others like League – such as its map design, lack of junglers in Dota, and its own gameplay qualities.

Not just is it good to see MOBA fans give another popular format a go, however it’s also a beneficial appearance at how to enter the game if you’re a little nervous about its learning curve, with some useful introduction suggestions and guidance, and an excellent peep at how beginner-level video games may play out. It appears like we may see more in the future, too, as YodiBrodi states in the clip’s remarks that he has “huge prepare for a newbie fundamentals series soon!”