Gaming-focused network VENN (Video Game Home Entertainment and News Network) revealed Thursday a brand-new show starring OpTic Chicago CEO Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez, a brand-new direct rights offer related to Fan Controlled Football (FCF), and other programming efforts for 2021. This brand-new content will be rolled into three new central verticals (esports, core gaming, and pop culture) as the network recalibrates its programs.

The brand-new show hosted by Rodriguez is called “Origin Stories,” and will feature the face of OpTic talking with “celebrities, gaming content creators, esports titans, and leading computer game execs,” according to the statement. VENN co-founder and co-CEO Ariel Horn informed The Esports Observer that the new show is “similar to David Letterman’s Netflix hit, ‘My Next Visitor Requirements No Introduction,’ “however with H3CZ in our studio speaking with and going super-deep into topics with the legends of esports and gaming.” The very first episode (which should be offered now) is with YouTube Global Gaming Officer Ryan White.

Horn stated that VENN has been in talks with Rodriguez for the “lion’s share of a year” to develop a TV-style talk program. “He’s had conversations on his own podcast with everybody from the Nadeshots of the world, to the legends of video gaming and esports … however for us, we felt like we could give him an opportunity to go deeper in a studio format. We’ve launched our first episode in its direct form and it’s an hour-long [48-minutes to permit commercials] We’re likewise sufficing up into sectors and putting it on YouTube and on our syndication channels.”

VENN also protected the direct circulation rights to Fan Controlled Football, a new football league releasing Feb. 13 that lets audiences democratize plays for real-world players on groups owned by a variety of material developers, performers, and sports stars, that will run for six weeks (see TEO’s story on FCF here). VENN will transmit games on its linear circulation channels including Samsung, The Roku Channel, Vizio, and more. FCF will likewise be relayed live on Twitch.

VENN recently secured the rights to FACECHECK, a League of Legends esports talk show hosted by previous LCS pro gamer Christian “IWDominate” Rivera, T1 material developer and previous English LCK caster Nick “LS” De Cesare, and VENN’s Daniel “dGon” Gonzales, a previous host and shoutcaster for different leagues consisting of LCS, Snoop Dogg’s GGL, ESL, and DreamHack.

Horn also revealed VENN’s strategies for future collaboration with tournament organizer BLAST, who it signed a tactical collaboration with in January.

” BLAST is an excellent synergistic collaboration due to the fact that they have the competitions and we have the wrapping and the shoulder shows that goes all around it that I believe is a critically advantage for everybody. BLAST is an excellent partner that sees the value of our studio system and our North American footprint, and we’re delighted to leap in there. We’re going to be producing not just entertainment during their programs but also the North American certifying event for their Premier League for CS: GO this spring.”

Finally, Horn states that VENN is breaking out its material into categories throughout 3 different YouTube channels: VENN Download, VENN Plays, and VENN Esports. This move is to calibrate a few of its material to accommodate core audiences while continuing to develop crossover content.

” We’ve taken a look at our YouTube channel that had all the different types of material going to one channel, and decided to split it up into 3 channels now; so we have one channel that’s focused on actually deep dive gaming subjects called VENN Download – that’s aimed at core players that actually want to go deep. We have a channel that’s indicated for competitive video gaming enthusiasts called VENN Esports that recently launched, and then we have the existing channel we had constantly planned for that crossover culture material called VENN Plays that continues to have a lot of other entertainment-based crossovers that we’ll be revealing in the next couple of weeks.”