We know that Source 2 from Valve is a quite capable video game engine, and we’ve seen what they’ve been able to finish with it over the years (and Half-Life: Alyx turned it up a notch) but what’s next? Ray Tracing maybe.

It’s not a lot to go on however Artifact, the card-game failure from Valve that’s presently going through a total overhaul continues to be upgraded and SteamDB developer Pavel Djundik identified something fascinating that they published up on Twitter:

What they found discusses “Raytracing Shader” and “RTX”, which is quite damn clear. The full link to all the new bits discusses lots of other things too including Vulkan API additions.

To what end though? Where will this be going into Valve video games? It does not actually look like a suitable for Artifact, and the continuous rumours of CS: GO moving over to Source 2 most likely still wouldn’t give it Ray Tracing either because it’s a highly competitive video game and it requires an equal opportunity. Then once again, it would still be completely interesting to see in action no matter what.

So what do you think this could be for? Possibly simply as a side-effect of Artifact developers pulling in more recent code over all Source 2 updates, that Valve are dealing with overall to be available somewhere else? Half-Life: Alyx already looked pretty great (from video I have actually seen, no VR kit here), think of how that would look with Ray Tracing included.