Valve’s Source 2 engine might possibly get RTX/ray tracing support, if a recent rumor occurs to come to light. Twitter user Pavel Djundik (@thexpaw) required to the social media network with a savvy finding: the last Artifact beta got “Raytracing Shader” and “RTX” strings, archived by means of GitHub.

While there are no extra pieces of evidence to support the idea that ray tracing is indeed pertaining to the engine, the simple idea is enough to get fans amazing and buzzing about its possible applications. Thinking of Half-Life or Half-Life 2 with ray tracing may just be the recovery salve we all need to remind us that Half-Life 3 is most likely never ever going to occur, after all, and they might be just around the corner if this rumor is to be thought.

For recommendation, video games like Half-Life Alyx, Dota 2, DOTA Underlords, and Artifact all run on the Source 2 engine. It’s unclear what, exactly, these current update strings mean officially, but we can only speculate that it might equate to big things on their way. It’s just natural to see these things insinuated in the beginning, after all.

Artifact, which is a reasonably graphically light game, might be the ideal testing ground for a new function like this one also, with unwary users none the better. There’s no official word on the subject or any tip from Valve that this rumor could hold water, but it stays an exciting prospect, however. We’ll h ave to keep our eyes open about any further rumors that pop up here and there.

In the meantime, while we wait on some sort of word on the rumor by method of Valve, you still have lots of time to check out Half-Life: Alyx. It may be the closest thing we’ll see to a 3rd Half-Life video game, but it’s definitely excellent, a minimum of.