While it appears Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now over the unexpected massive appeal boost it saw in the last couple of months, that hasn’t stopped Valve continue to improve it.

Initially, they’ve included a Text Filtering option that’s made it possible for by default to obstruct out “profane” words used in text chat. So it seems Valve are attempting to tidy up some of the community issues in CS: GO but hey at least it’s not as bad as Dota 2 …

The larger addition and one I value is the brand-new gamer contrast option, which is also enabled by default. Due to character colours, it can often be tough to find enemies in various different lightning conditions. It uses a special brand-new filter to fixed characters that does this:

Valve also adjusted the textures on character designs, changed Fog that’s applied individually to characters and the world to assist characters stick out from the background at a distance and more. In many cases, all of the changes together ought to help you at a look see a character and respond. See some contrasts (click to expand and see another):.