Valve modified a number of things in their CS: GO update previously today, however one significant change makes finding opponents a bit easier. ‘Increase Gamer Contrast’ is a brand-new video setting that attempts to enhance player visibility to make them stand out against the environment. The changes are particularly obvious at longer ranges, so when peering into Tunnels from the back of the B bombsite on Dust2, or down towards pit on Long A, it must be somewhat easier to identify opponents.

Along with the brand-new video alternative, a couple of maps have also been tidied up to simplify the background of their environments. Plants on Overpass and Inferno have actually been pruned, specific locations such as Mirage’s market are now more evenly lit, and windows at bombsite A have shrunk on Dust2. These changes all make it easier to see others, and need to ensure that players don’t feel cheated out of eliminates due to bad visibility, which has actually periodically been a fair excuse for a bad K/D in the past. Will these modifications magically see you hitting godlike flicks? No. However there’s less opportunity of glossing over an enemy as you scan a location at distance. So, if you currently have decent reflexes and reliable objective, enjoy the potential to land a couple of more long-range shots.

While this upgrade is a terrific addition, it’s well past due. The launch of CS: GO’s last operation, Shattered Web, presented brand-new agent skins to the game. Unfortunately, a few of the CT skins rapidly proved frustrating on popular maps like Cache and Overpass as their colour schemes were too comparable to parts of the maps. These skins basically permitted players to hold specific angles while mainly camouflaged, making it much harder for challengers to discover them. Counter-Strike competition organisers such as ESEA responded quickly, forbiding making use of custom-made skins in competitions, and well-regarded map creators like FMPONE voiced their concerns about how the new additions adversely impacted the video game.

The textures on some of the agent skins (including Dust2’s newer default T skins) have actually lastly been adjusted in the brand-new spot. Personally, I ‘d prefer for the Shattered Web editions to simply noclip into Inferno’s T-spawn river, never to be seen again, but these modifications are much better than absolutely nothing. The skins are still commonly utilized in regular matches, so this upgrade should have a favorable result on gamer experiences, that is, after a few of the bugs have actually been straightened out.

The upgrade’s accompanying blog post mentions that it “ought to enhance character checked out for the most part, but we know that there’s more to be done”. While this refers to incremental tweaks as more problems such as plant placements and shadows are reported by the community, new bugs have been discovered that need to be attended to more urgently. Redditor u/TimSchumi shared a short clip of a player shuffling around behind a reactor on Nuke’s B bombsite. Scoped in with an AWP, they had the ability to see the faint outline of the other gamer, even through the object.

The all new CS: GO. With more visibility. Even through walls. from r/GlobalOffensive

Other members of the community have actually likewise reported that they have actually been able to see challengers through smokes. Naturally, this is most absolutely broken and having this sort of benefit in a competitive match is extremely unfair. According to u/TimSchumi, the bug is difficult to replicate, but doesn’t always appear in replays either. This could lead to gamers getting prohibited for abusing the exploit when cases are examined in CS: GO’s Overwatch system as the replays may disappoint proof of the bug, which simply makes it look like they’re cheating. This bug has currently been reported to Valve, but if you see more hacking allegations tossed around in competitive matches, this might be why.