While Valve is hectic working on stabilizing Dota 2’s Video game Coordinator, the designers have chosen to extend Battle Pass 2020 an additional week due to all of the concerns affecting the game.

The Video game Coordinator has triggered a big spike in disconnects, long load times, and connection errors, indicating many gamers have been unable to even play a game of Dota for 4 days. And because of that inability to play the video game, players haven’t had the capability to level up their Battle Pass.

To counteract that, extending the Fight Pass an extra week will let players make up for lost time and possibly get a few extra rewards before whatever concludes. Many players were wondering if Valve would just offer out some totally free levels as settlement, but extra Battle Pass time is pretty close to that.

Initially, the Fight Pass was set to end at its usual time in September, today instead of ending on Sept. 12, it will end on Sept. 19. This must likewise press back the grace duration for gamers who want to purchase levels and unlock more products to the end of September, but verification on that hasn’t been provided yet.

This modification is part of an upgrade Valve is pushing out that is making a couple of enhancements to the Video game Organizer and will hopefully support things while the developers continue to investigate the source of the issues.

If you are still experiencing connection issues, you may wish to check and ensure your own connection isn’t the problem by attempting a practice game to see if you can still link. If issues still persist, you will likely simply have to wait till Valve repairs whatever the primary issue is before playing again.