Valve, together with the ESL, have validated that the CS: GO Rio Major set up for November has actually been cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Valve has likewise spoken up about the current scandal where coaches used a bug in the video game to spectate utilizing a complimentary electronic camera in competitions and gave their gamers instructions and tips.

The ESL has actually stated it took a look at alternative options to enable the occasion go on, however wasn’t able to make it occur, specifying that they “eventually have to deal with the reality that the international situation presently does not enable a Significant to take location.”

Those with tickets will get refunds, and the tickets will likewise remain legitimate for a future occasion once it’s “safe” for an in-arena major to be held.

Valve has actually likewise spoken out about the current unfaithful scandal, where coaches used a bug in CS: GO to utilize a free-camera spectator view, hence enabling them to communicate the positions of the opposition. The company stated that anybody found making use of the bug in an RMR occasion will have their RMR points reset.

They held brief of doing something about it versus specific teams or coaches, however, mentioning that “up until we get a total picture,” it wasn’t proper to dish out any additional penalties. They did, nevertheless, state that they are considering limitations to mid-match coaching in the future.