Valve has added a brand-new Confidential Mode to Dota 2, which essentially works as a mute-all function for all aspects of the game that include other gamers and a new method to track Guild missions.

When utilizing Confidential Mode, gamers will still have the ability to play in all types of online matches, but they will not see avatars, nicknames, or in-game chat messages from individuals that they haven’t added as buddies.

This will be a fantastic method to avoid chat spam and other obnoxious approaches of eye-catching and self-advertising that a great deal of gamers carry out in game chat.

Together with the in-match features, players can also utilize this mode as another fix for the formerly rampant abuse of the Guild recruitment system that was being utilized to send out unsuitable images to players who weren’t even part of a guild.

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In practice, this is more like you muting all of the other gamers and ignoring their usernames rather than an Anonymous Mode, since there is no sign in the upgrade that the other players won’t be able to see your profile.

When it comes to the Guild mission tracker, prior to this update, players would need to by hand track many of the quests provided to them through their guild. Now, there is an automated tracker for missions that need multiple actions to complete, such as eliminating Roshan.