VALORANT’s viewership decrease is even more in line with normal release trends than its record-shattering rise to prominence, additional highlighting the power of limiting access and motivating viewership through drops.

Counter-Strike is a popular esport throughout the world, especially in places like Europe and Brazil. Similar to how Russian-language broadcasts of Dota 2 esports consistently perform well together with their English counterparts, the Portugese-language streams of CS: GO events hosted on the channel run by Alexandre “Gaules” Borba routinely fall just below the viewership totals of English channels.

CS: GO esports has been performing remarkably well during the pandemic, and today, Borba locked in a position as the top channel on Twitch, producing 3.82 M hours watched. This was achieved by obtaining a page from the VALORANT banner playbook and keeping his channel running 24/7. Fortunately for Borba, with no drops to hand out his 24-hour streams do not break Twitch policies.

As gone over recently, Simply Chatting’s role as a catch-all category provides itself well to high hours watched each week. Couple that with a peaceful duration for esports and the rise in non-gaming material on Twitch, and you have a circumstance perfectly suited to see Just Chatting dominate the rankings.