The Valorant launch has widely been a success, however the video game’s Reddit and social media have plenty of posts complaining about the rate of skins in the video game. Many are saying they are far too pricey, however truly that simply isn’t the case, here’s why.

There is no doubt that a few of the skins are rather pricey. The greatest point of contention so far seems to be the Prime Skin bundle, that includes five skins for 7100 Valorant Points. Various point bundles are available, but normally 1000 Valorant Points cost around $10, making this bundle worth at least $70.

There is no doubt that is a great deal of cash, however when you simplify things sound more reasonable. 5 skins for $70 offers you an average of $14 per skin. Compare that to cosmetics in League of Legends, CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege which seems completely reasonable. In the Dota 2 world lots of people don’t bat an eyelid at spending $30 on an arcana skin.

These skins are available separately, with the bundle providing you a good saving, but even then prices stay in line with what you would anticipate to see in other video games. It completely appears that the high rate of the package puts individuals off, however they are actually reasonably priced compared to other comparable titles.

You likewise have to think about that there are no loot box mechanics in Valorant, which eliminates the quantity of inexpensive skins available. With loot boxes there has to be an abundance of more typical skins in order to make the rarer skins better to players. With no loot boxes there is no genuine reason to have low value skins, as players can just buy the premium ones they desire.

Likewise not all of the skins are this costly. If you take an appearance at the battle pass, which costs $10, you can unlock 11 different skins, that makes them less than $1 each!

However the genuine factor these skins are not overpriced is really rather simple. Valorant is totally free to play. Nothing you can acquire offers you a benefit in the game, or more material to play, it actually simply changes the look of some things. If you do not believe a skin is worth it then there is no reason to even think of buying it. You do not require skins to be able to enjoy all of Valorant.

When you think about the amount of resources Riot has actually taken into making Valorant you can possibly understand why a number of the skins are more superior than some in other titles. But grumbling about their price when the game is totally complimentary to play and skins are not required to take pleasure in the game seems a little thankless. We ought to be commemorating the reality this fantastic video game is readily available completely for totally free, and not grumbling that some cosmetic items are out of our cost variety.