According to the cinematic trailer released by Valorant, Yoru appears to be geared up with numerous teleport capabilities. Riot Games are yet to expose the brand-new representative’s arsenal.

Nevertheless, with the new agent scheduled to get here in Valorant with Episode 2 on January 12, 2021, an official announcement seems to be right around the corner.

The launch of Episode 2 formally marks the end of the first episode of Valorant. Episode 1 ranked matchmaking is likewise set to end at the same time. Players only have a few more days to grind for their “Act rank” before it gets sealed permanently. Nevertheless, ranked matchmaking is all set to resume with the launch of Episode 2 on January 12th

Here’s everything to understand about Valorant’s Episode 2 and the new duelist Yoru.

The Episode 2 cinematic trailer exposes Yoru in action for the very first time. This is likewise the very first time the community has got an idea of the brand-new duelist’s ability package. As observed in the cinematic trailer, Yoru is geared up with multiple teleport capabilities.

He also possesses the ability to open a portal and assist the gamer sneak up on an unwary enemy. Furthermore, Yoru appears efficient in teleporting at a previously marked place. It is still rather hard to assess what each ability might be for the upcoming duelist.

Yoru’s intro also appeared to tease a brand-new weapon skin. Yoru might be seen showing off a “butterfly knife,” a renowned weapon from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Nevertheless, similar to whatever else in the trailer, fans will need to wait for Riot Games’ confirmation.

The Valorant community is eagerly awaiting the release of an official statement and the spot notes for Episode 2. Up until that occurs, whatever exposed in Valorant’s Episode 2 trailer remains inexplicable.