The hero shooter is a quite crowded field nowadays, and one that sees a lot of games launch, flop and the world carry on. However leave it to Riot Games to cut through the mess with Valorant. The game ran in Beta for several weeks before officially releasing earlier today. Riot Games wishes to make with the hero shooter category what League of Legends does for MOBA, a video game that remains consistently on the top of viewership for online game streaming. Unfortunately, while the quality of Valorant is largely being praised, it does appear as if today’s launch got onto a little a rough start, specifically depending on your region.

Players that leapt headfirst into the game weren’t all met with smooth cruisings. It seems as if there was some serious server concerns early on in the EU and servers were promptly removed for “emergency situation maintenance.” Not long later the exact same taken place with APAC and SEA areas for the same factor.

It’s not simply servers being down, players form every area have actually come across issues with not having the ability to get their rewards from battle passes, along with people not being able to gain access to beta rewards or have the capability to purchase products.

As you can see below from the main Twitter, Riot Games is trying to stay on top of things. It appears most region servers are up now, though some users are still seemingly having concerns. It seems despite the prolonged beta period, Valorant has had a little bit of a rocky start with its launch.