One of VALORANT’s biggest arguments centers around which attack rifle transcends: the Vandal or the Phantom. And now, one fan has weighed in.

VALORANT gamer UndyingPax developed a chart comparing both assault rifles’ time to eliminate (TTK) with body shots just, posting their findings today. While the Vandal deals more damage at longer varieties, it’s slower rate of fire may offer the Phantom the edge.

The chart takes all varieties into consideration, from zero to 50 meters, as well as all possible health worths. The player discovered that you can eliminate an opponent using body shots quicker with a Phantom in most situations.

The Phantom, for instance, has quicker TTK from no to 30 meters on a 100 or 125 health target. You can likewise eliminate a 125-health enemy much faster by hitting their torso from the 30 to 50-meter range. However the Vandal shines at eliminating opponents with 150 health from further distances.

It’s essential to note, nevertheless, that the Vandal is a much better alternative for one-tapping your enemies. Because there’s no damage drop off from variety, landing a headshot on a far target will one shot a challenger. The Phantom, on the other hand, would need a headshot and a bodyshot on a full-shield target from a variety of 15 meters or more.

There are other variables to think about too. The Phantom has a silencer and a bigger magazine, while likewise providing a more forgiving recoil pattern.

Former CS: GO pro shroud named the Phantom the “much better gun,” but admitted that they’re both situational. The FPS veterinarian said the Vandal is terrific for assaulting because the fights you’ll take are from far range. The Phantom is better for safeguarding since you’ll peek corners at shorter ranges.