Riot Games has strategies to launch Valorant on consoles if the new first-person shooter can deliver the same experience as on PC.

Talking to GameSpot in a current interview, executive producer Anna Donlon verified that Riot Games is “absolutely prototyping” the concept today. Nevertheless, in its current state, Valorant functions a kind of gameplay experience that may not “equate totally” on consoles.

Riot Games could always make modifications to Valorant to fit console-play much like how other designers provide for console releases. Donlon specified that doing so would go against what the game represents.

Valorant offers a “strong level of competitive stability” and hence, there’s no room for players having concerns about unreasonable benefits based on their platforms. If Riot Games can find a way to record the same PC-level competitive spirit on consoles without making any compromises, the PlayStation and Xbox communities will definitely have the ability to join Valorant in the future.

” If we feel like we can provide this experience on those platforms, we definitely will,” stated Donlon. “However we actually want Valorant to represent a certain type of gameplay and a specific kind of experience.”

Following months of closed beta, Valorant formally released on PC earlier in the week. The release was not around the world though and not the same for particular regions. “For areas like Vietnam, we will not have the ability to release right now, and for regions like India and the Middle East, we have future plans for you but for now will be mapping you to the SEA and EU servers, respectively,” described the developer last month.

Valorant was announced with the pledge of 128-tick servers and an international spread of information centers to make sure low latencies, something crucial for competitive first-person shooters. Due to the minimal launch, the video game still uses high latencies, or a minimum of the exact same latencies as gamers presently get in League of Legends.