Earlier this year, Riot Games revealed that it would be venturing into uncharted territory, launching its really first game beyond the League of Legends universe, a first-person shooter entitled Valorant.

Today, we have received verification that Valorant is arranged for a worldwide release on June second of this year. Because Australian gamers are no stranger to losing out on so-called around the world release windows, devoted fans reached out to Riot Games for some assurance about the release date. Luckily, Riot clearly verified that yes, Australians will get to play Valorant on launch as well.

Valorant is a free-to-play round-based tactical 5-v-5 shooter that will launch exclusively to PC next month. After less than two months in early gain access to, the game handled to average near a sensational three million gamers daily. According to some of these early gain access to gamers, the game is most quickly compared to Counter Strike: Global Source, with aspects from hero/class shooters such as Overwatch and Peak Legends. That said, designers are thrilled to display new features on launch, including new cosmetics and a formerly unseen video game mode.

We’ll make sure to keep you upgraded on how to get Valorant in the couple of weeks leading up to release however you can likewise sign up for all Valorant updates from Riot on the main Valorant website here.