Valorant introduced earlier this year after a lengthy beta duration, and while there’s a couple of problems occasionally, it seems by and big the video game has actually struck the landing for the audience it was going for. Whether or not this can even touch the success of Riot Games’ bread and butter, League of Legends, or handle to find its specific niche in the sea of hero shooters remains to be seen. Something it’ll require is a stable stream of material, and it appears that is certainly coming.

In a brand-new Dev Journal, Executive Producer Anna Donlon outlined a rough roadmap of content to come. First and primary, it seems that the video game will have episodes at approximately 6 month intervals, every one broken down into 3 acts, and with each act comes a brand-new character, which relates to 6 representatives annual if all is released on schedule. The start of a new episode will also be where they add maps and brand-new features, and Donlon states the aim is likewise to have more story content folded into the game as we get closer to Episode 2. This will naturally include new lifestyle updates as time goes on also.

Donlon does warn that this might change nevertheless, which there is no set in stone schedule as it stands now as the entire development group is working from home and we are still in uncertain waters due to COVID-19. There’s also absolutely nothing said about the prospective console versions of the game, so that will more than likely be something that comes much later. We’ll keep you upgraded as more information appears about Valorant’s updates.