Apart from a brand-new viewer mode, players are also asking for a replay, like that in League of Legends.

Unlike in their other IPs of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra, Riot has not included the “spectate your good friend” feature in Valorant just yet.

Being able to spectate your good friend in League of Legends is something that the community definitely enjoys, and players frequently utilize the mode when awaiting their colleagues to finish the matches that they are currently on.

Moreover, observing players who are at a much greater elo acts as an excellent instructional tool and players get the opportunity to select up new methods and suggestions which they otherwise would not have.

Much is the same for Valorant also, and players want Riot to lastly spot in the viewer mode in future updates.

In a current Reddit post, the Redditor who passes the handle of kryptic6868, spoke about the spectator mode, and how Valorant players “must be enabled to spectate” their buddies, “who are playing in a various party.”

The Redditor continues by saying,

” It would be terrific to include this feature so that we can assist or learn some cool techniques from our buddies. When an individual wishes to spectate his/her good friends, he/she should be able to send a request to spectate his/her pal’s match from their pov. Now, this request should be accepted by the good friend for him/her to spectate the match.”

This post in the Valorant subreddit got an extraordinary quantity of upvotes, and it goes to show simply just how much the community desires the viewer mode and a game replay function implemented into the client.

One player commented in the thread,

” There are numerous functions missing. I only hope we will see these things in the future. I would enjoy to spectate friends’ games with a hold-up when I don’t seem like playing myself.”

Much of the Valorant community feel that the replay and the viewer feature must have been something that Riot included when the game was released, or during among the subsequent spots and updates that followed.

One Redditor wrote,

” For something constructed with competitive play in mind I was really hoping spectating and replays would be sick and considered essential really early on. Like I can tape-record my own games and see my own fuck ups but understanding of those screw up is still restricted to my PoV, having the ability to see every single element of what failed and what opponent positions you are neglecting most, etc is insane in CSGO.”

By giving the example of CS: GO’s replay and spectator feature, the Valorant player highlights a few of the things that Riot’s shooter requires at the moment.

The Redditor continues by saying,

” CSGO’s in-client spectator for esports is simply insane. No more watching the observer’s perspective as they are having a look at a Cyphers camera peek for 10 seconds whilst a Jett gets a triple. Getting to follow your fav players perspective etc. It makes esports a lot more intriguing to me not being stuck simply on an observer camera.”

The neighborhood feels that there are some things that the Valorant devs need to obtain from CS: GO while streamlining the spectator mode into the shooter.